About Us

As a Mother, with a very busy life and not a great deal of free time, I found it frustrating and often, time consuming trying to find fillers for my childrens’ party bags to make sure they had the Wow factor. I could always find cheap items, but never quality items at an affordable price, and this encouraged me to start Daisy & George.

At Daisy and George, Premier Party Bag Specialists, we understand how much effort parents make to ensure their special Daughter or Son has the party of their dreams. We also understand that to make things just perfect, ending the party with a Fabulous Goody Bag is a ‘must’.

Daisy and George have taken the time consuming and often stressful business of finding quality items, by filling Luxury, Fun Party Bags your child’s guests will delight in, leaving you free to enjoy planning the perfect party.

Offering exceptional service, and attention to detail, we have made a range of Innovative Party Bags to suit all ages. We are also happy to make Bespoke Bags, so if you see any of our items that you would rather put together, drop us an email.